Terms of Service


You can purchase Italian 100% organic products on this website
or just send us an email with what you want to order or if you prefer, contact us by phone.

Upon completion of the order we will send you the necessary data to make the payment by the agreed method (bank transfer, check mark, credit card or paypal).

Once the payment has been verified, the items you ordered will be shipped with BRT, SDA or DHL and upon request, you will be given the shipping number to check online where the goods are located.

In some countries we also accept the Cash against delivery payment but you will have to add 2% to the total of the order as a driver’s collection fee (minimum amount € 6.00). In such case the option will be displayed in your checkout page


The invoice is always issued and sent directly to your mail along with the packet delivery confirmation and its tracking number. You will find the paper invoice inside the parcel.

When ordering please send all the necessary data to issue invoice (VAT and tax code) and specify any days / times for delivery, before confirming the order.



Terms of Service

The on-line sale of products by Bartolacci Company to the end user is governed by Italian law in force and in particular by Legislative Decree 22 May 1999 n. 185 on distance contracts.

The head office is in Via Breccioncino, 13 – San Costanzo (PU)

To complete the purchase contract, the final customer (Customer) compiles and transmits telematically the order form in electronic format; by clicking on the button CONFIRM PURCHASE the Customer expresses that he knows and accepts the Terms of Sale and authorizes him to charge the total amount indicated in the order. The contract is deemed to be terminated after the receipt of the form and verification of the correctness of the submitted data.
Company Bartolacci reserves the right not to evade orders that do not comply with its trade policy, incomplete or duly completed.
If an item is unavailable at time of order, Customer will be promptly notified via email and will be able to decide whether or not to modify the order.
Once the purchase agreement has been concluded, the Customer will receive by e-mail a notification with a summary of the information contained in the order form.
The order number assigned at the time of purchase confirmation is unique.
Any disputes relating to the Sales Terms will be transferred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Fano.


The Privacy Policy is governed by the Italian law in force and in particular by Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 “Code for the protection of personal data”.

The website www.iomangiobiologico.it is managed and maintained by Azienda Agricola Bartolacci, Via Breccioncino, 13 – San Costanzo (PU), owner of the treatment of the personal data of the users.

Personal data is collected and processed for purposes strictly related to the use of the website, its services and the purchase of products through the website.

The processing of the data is done by means of computer and paper tools and with the means of ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/03 regarding the minimum security measures for the Processing of personal data pursuant to Articles 31-36, and Annex B of the same Decree. The data may be disclosed to other persons, natural or legal persons, limited to the purposes for which the contractual obligations are fulfilled.
The data will be publicly disclosed or processed for direct marketing purposes and commercial material delivery only upon prior consent of the user.

Any refusal to disclose certain information necessary for the conclusion of the contract of purchase of the product could result in the impossibility of carrying out the contractual obligations and thus constituting a legitimate and justifiable reason for the non-performance of the contract.


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